Top Cats, Then and Now

We all love our kitties, each of them will be special and unique with their quirky habits. We remember the endearing little things that they did for many years after they have passed on.

By Lucy Powell

Some cats are so unique that they gain world wide acclaim! Whether it be for their actions or the fact that they are so well known. The world’s love affair with this cats doesn’t just stop with our domesticated friends, cats have been in the limelight, starring in tv adverts, films and animations.

a grumpy cat meme

You also have the famous “Cats” musical based on T.S Eliot’s famous Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. More recently we have also seen the rise of the internet cat – a ‘meme’ or kind of logo if you like.

There was Keyboard cat a few years ago, a not too happy looking cat that seemed to be a musical whizz.

Here’s a look at just six amazing top cats:

“More recently ‘Grumpy cat’ has taken over the internet – this little kitty has had his image super imposed on practically everything”


Although technically not an actual cat, Bastet is most likely one of the oldest cat related images found to date.

The ancient depictions of Cat headed Goddess Bastet can be found all over the remains of the temples in Egypt. Cats were sacred during this period of history with protection, fertility and motherhood being aspects of life that she represented.

You will often find remaining statues or images of Bastet as either sitting black cat statues richly adorned with gold jewellery or as cat headed goddesses.

bastet from the louvre in France
Bastet in the Louvre

The Cheshire Cat

One of the most mischievous cats known!

This kitty from Alice in Wonderland really does have something to smile about.

What is he famous for? Well being purple and striped. He’s pretty good at disappearing too. ‘Grinning like a Cheshire Cat’ is a phrase that is said to come from the fact that Cheshire in the U.K was a region at the time with many dairy farms. So the abundance of fresh cream and milk would be enough to make any magical cat smile!

“Grinning like a Cheshire Cat is a phrase that is said to come from the fact that Cheshire in the U.K was a region at the time with many dairy farms.”


Most head’s of State or Political Leader’s are known for owning cats! Abraham Lincoln had ‘Tabby’ the first ever White House cat.

Larry is the British Prime Minister’s cat. He is mix of tabby and white, this domestic shorthair is also very dapper. Living at the world famous number Ten Downing street, Larry is notorious for getting into scraps with the Chancellors cat Freya who lives next door.

Early in 2012 their fights made headlines much to the amusement of politicians. Nevertheless he is a very lovely kitty.

garfield standing with his arms crossed over


There’s no mistaking the bright orange fur and mischievous stripes of Garfield the cat.

The brainchild of Jim Davis, Garfield is notorious for getting up to all sorts of mischief. Trouble certainly seems to follow this kitty around, but let’s face it most of our little darlings do land themselves in a spot of bother every now and again.

The lovable roguish character started life as a comic strip in 1978. He soon found himself with a worldwide following and since then cartoons and live action animations have been made.

His bright coat has spawned generations of Ginger cat owners to name their kitties ‘Garfield’ after the great cat himself!

street cat bob lying on a red cushion

A Cat Called Bob

33 year old Busker James Bowen was once homeless and addicted to Heroin.

Bob the cat appeared in the apartment block where James was staying. He had been attacked and lay there dying, although feeling rough himself James scrapped the money together and took Bob to the vet. Ever since then Bob hasn’t left James side and soon they were busking together on the streets of London.

Here their unique friendship was discovered by a literary agent and now Hollywood is set to be working on a big screen version of their tale!

This heart warming story is just one example of how loyal and loving cats can be!

sylvester the cat cartoon


‘You tink you saw a puddy tat?’

Well you most definitely did! Sylvester has been chasing Tweety Pie since the late 1940’s. Although a cartoon cat he is regarded by many as a cat ‘icon’ in his own right- well he’s certainly earned it after all this time! He just can’t seem to get his paws on that bird no matter how hard he tries.

Bird catching is in-built into your Cat’s subconscious, something that cat experts believe that every cat is born with- a hunting technique if you like.

Many of our cats and kittens have tried in vain to grab that little sparrow or pigeon in the garden! So it’s something that we can all relate to seeing…


In case you didn’t know, Cats are truly amazing and no matter how long you have owned one and think that you know all there is to know about them: Cats always have the power to amaze!

Take the case of Emily the Cat, she disappeared without a trace one September day in 2005. From her home in Appleton, Wisconsin she appeared at a container Distribution centre. And made her way on a container and truck to Chicago.

She travelled to Belgium by ship and was soon discovered. Her ID tags were found and she was shipped back to her home.

About the Author

Lucy Powell
Lucy Powell

Passionate about our feline friends and the bond cats can create with their owners. Lucy is a contributing pet-care writer for various magazines and is the proud owner of three specials cats - Lordy, Gatinha and Gina!