Top Cats

Top Cats, Then and Now We all love our kitties, each of them will be special and unique with their quirky habits. We remember the endearing little things that they did for many years after they have passed on. By Lucy Powell Some cats are so unique that they gain world wide acclaim! Whether it […]

Dealing with Cat Scratching

Dealing with Cat Scratching Cats love to scratch, so it’s important that you address their needs from early on. You don’t want your leg to be their scratching post, do you? By Lucy Powell Even though we adore these special moments, our cats are also capable of behaviour that occasionally tests the limits of our […]


Catnipped! Just one whiff and they are instantly hooked, you can expect most cats to be rolling around on the ground once they have been exposed to the plant By Lucy Powell It’s a well known fact that most of our feline friends respond to Catnip (also known by it’s Latin name ‘Nepeta Cataria’). Many […]

Introducing New Cats to Existing Cats

Introducing New Cats to Existing Cats Introducing a new cat to your current one is an acquired skill. Cats are very territorial creatures, so a change in his or her living area can be very stressful for them. By Lucy Powell Bringing home a new feline friend to your existing cat family can be one […]

Venus the Chimera Cat

Meet Venus – the Chimera Cat Every so often, along comes an animal that has markings so unusual that they baffle even the experts. Meet Venus the Chimera Cat! By Lucy Powell Cats as you know come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Each of their features are unique to them, no two felines […]

Hairballs – Everyone knows!

Hairballs! Cat owners everywhere know that sound: The loud hacking, retching sound your kitty makes just before he or she coughs out a hairball (and in some cases some of their lunch!) By NICK JOHNSON Your cat may have a special place in your home where they feel comfortable coughing up, this could be under […]

Cat Body Language – Decoding the Ears

Cat Body Language – Decoding the Ears Cat’s are complicated creatures, but they do communicate with us; it’s up to us to decipher what it is that our cat friends are trying to tell us By NICK JOHNSON Over the years, many experts in the field have studied cats and their behaviour; carrying out in-depth […]

Cat Food and Feeding

Cat Food and Feeding Habits Cats can be notoriously fussy when it comes to their food. Just like us humans, they can have complex appetites. By NICK JOHNSON Just like us humans, cats can have complex appetites. As a cat owner you will have a ton of questions related to cat food and feeding your cat. […]